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Recrutare şi selecţie de personal

Cluj-Napoca, Strada Camil Petrescu, Nr. 38, Telefon: 0757-358.934

We love Startups and we love helping Startups.  With our experience and our strong community, we helped many companies opening Tech offices here in Romania.  We maybe don’t sit in your office, but we are a part of your team, offering you ongoing support. We are not just an IT Recruitment Company, we are a Marketplace for hiring. You can count on us to assist you in every stage, from analyzing the market and salaries to get you in contact with our community p...

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Cluj-Napoca, Strada Constantin Daicoviciu, Nr. 7/A, Telefon: 0746-377.360

Human Direct focuses on creating innovative recruitment solutions to deliver memorable experience for developers and their future employment. Our winning solutions start with having a technical team empowered to make change and even to provide a more engaging software developer experience. We act globally, we have open positions to all levels from graduate trainees to senior management in Europe and USA. We are a professional IT Recruitment team focu...

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Cluj-Napoca, Strada Mioritei, Nr. 2, Telefon: 0746-188.012

De 18 ani, echipa Psihoselect ofera servicii de recrutare, contribuind activ la dezvoltarea companiilor partenere, prin identificarea candidatilor potriviti pentru pozitii de executive, middle si top management.

Specializata in headhunting.

Alte servicii: evaluarea personalitatii si coaching.

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Cluj-Napoca, P-ta 1 Mai, Nr. 1-2, Bloc Cladirea Unirea et.1, Telefon: 0264-418.384, 0743-638.530

BERAR SERVICII SRL - servicii complete pentru recrutare personal, atat pentru societati cat si pentru persoanele fizice


Adriana Suciu



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