Leadership Skills Workshop with Paul Bourne

25 februarie
ora 14:00
25 februarie
ora 20:00

la ClujHub, Ferdinand 22-26 (3rd Floor in CENTRAL Commercial Center), Cluj-Napoca

Paul is a theatre director and Fellow of the University of Cambridge where he teaches “Leadership Communication and Engagement’. He has produced and directed over eighty theatre productions in ten countries. He is an experienced business facilitator, coach and consultant and has run workshops, programmes and projects across the world for clients that include Procter and Gamble, Liverpool Football Club, The BBC, Ernst and Young, The Dubai Stock Exchange, Novartis and The US Government. He is a Visiting Fellow in Leadership and Change Management at The Ashcroft International Business School Cambridge and Fellow at The University of Cambridge.

Paul has been on the TEDxCluj stage in 2017's event, Going Beyond, and he will be the host of TEDxCluj 2018 Connecting the Dots. You can see Paul's TEDxCluj talk here: http://bit.ly/2BCTbg7

What is the Connecting The Dots Workshop?
• Facilitated by Paul Bourne (theatre Director and Academic) this is a practical workshop featuring an interactive series of exercises that focus on the way we behave and communicate as leaders.
• It is a workshop on the key themes of how we communicate, our attitude towards creativity and understanding and supporting our culture and how we can get the best out of people.
• It will also expand to look at themes of selling and customer relationships.
• Connecting the dots is about doing the right things at the right time for the right people
• The workshop exercises are designed to get people thinking about the way they work and utilising their best qualities for each transaction or situation.
• The training is practical and interactive. It is designed to be inspiring and motivating.

What are the workshop objectives?
• Supporting and learning key leadership communication skills.
• Reflecting on current issues and challenges in business and leadership.
• Getting people involved and inspired about the challenges ahead.
• A shared experience - a memorable, interactive, experiential learning experience.

What is the Workshop technique?
The model for this workshop is based on exercises used in the theatre alongside the traditional corporate training methodology with innovative techniques.

It is an interactive, experiential experience where people are engaged and challenged.

Workshop includes:
• Storytelling techniques
• Organisational culture
• Creativity at work
• Selling your ideas
• Motivation and inspiration techniques

Who is the workshop for?
• Entrepreneurs/Business owners
• Leaders in public and corporate business
• Students of business
• Individuals interested in self–development


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